Our Vision

We at Raj Shakthi Agro Industries would like to become the first preference for customers for agricultural implements like Rotavator,Cultivators, disc ploughs and other implements but only in karnataka but also in tamil nadu ,kerala and other regions in south India.

Our Story

Every business has its own beginning. Some had a smooth beginning,some had rough beginning and we had most different and difficult beginning.

Coming from the Uttar pradesh and starting a factory at Karnataka was obviously the most difficult as we had Language barrier and it was difficult to cope with that. But after few years we managed to get accustomed to the language.

Eventually we had started to witness the growth stage at our unit but in the year 2009 we had faced some cash crunches but eventually we changed our strategies and successfully come out of  situation.

Then there was no looking back and now  we are the among the leading manufactures of agricultural equipments.

Meet the Founding members


Sushial Chand Jain


A man with great vision and the current position of the company is all because of him.



Managing Partner

He has great understanding of the market and has helped in the demand forcasting and the product division according to the area is done by him.



Managing Partner

He is like the innovation factory of the company who has implemented kaizen at different levels of production