Rajshakthi-New rotator


Raj shakti  RT 001 is been designed for delivering better result at an competitive price.
The Blade is 9mm in width where in other rotavators it is 6.5mm or 7mm.
The rotavator puts no load on the tractor with great fuel efficiency.
The rotavator comes with many variations Single or Multi Speed gear type.
We can supply rotavtors for 4ft- 8ft in length.

Rajshakthi- Land Plougher

Five Tyne Cultivator

This was the first agricultural implement that we started to produce in the early 2000s and now we have mastered the production of this implement.

We have sizes for all types of tractors,with any horse powers we would have the right and the most suitable product.


We are the among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural implements and spare parts in Karnataka , Bangalore.

Our company started in the year 1999, had begun manufacturing only one product that is cultivator shovel and later after a few years came up with our only five tyne cultivator and nine tyne cultivator. We also started with making tractor hook attachment, Dabour Rod and many other accessory so that we could become one -stop solution for tractor accessories.

our vision is to make agriculture less expensive for the farmers so that they can the best out of our product.

We also to aspire to become a common farmer’s brand so that farmers dont find agriculture a burden.

As much as farmers are dependent on us, we as society are dependent on them.